Baking Contest 2014


Bake: noun, To cook with dry heat in an oven…something not everyone should attempt to do. Wednesday six brave souls put their best baked dishes to the test with the hopes of winning the crown of Bake Off Grand Champion. With a panel of four experienced food critics it would be hard to blow their taste buds away. With the judges seated, this endeavor began.


We started off with the chocolate lava cake made by our school magician, sophomore Robbie Sales. As the four judges gazed into the pot as the lid was removed, they saw a promising product. The cake didn’t look overcooked, had a great color, and the aroma that filled the air was fabulous. The cake was dished out by yours truly, junior Trevor Argo, and the pens were ready at hand to fill in the “flavor” criteria on the scores sheet. Though the flavor was nothing that blew the judges’ socks off, the cake didn’t have an ounce of dryness. Therefore, Sales’ cake earned a 13/25 and took home the “moistness award.”


The experienced judges sat down for a date with a German chocolate cake made by senior Rebecca Schippers. We were overjoyed with the sheer size of the cake because that meant we could each have a lot. It had a perfect brown soft look to it. With a nice caramel and coconut bottom, it was starting off great in our books. But, as we began to experience more, our feeling about this stayed the same; it never increased, so thats why it earned fifth place with a score of 15/25 but earning the “best size award.”


Next, the judges had to get their hands on sophomore Lydia Warin’s chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. The cupcakes’ display was perfect. Warin had the cupcakes placed in a box, spaced evenly, and all tied up with a blue ribbon to top it off. After admiring the fine work out of Warin on the front side, it was time to get down to business and see how these scrumptious treats actually tasted. After a few bites, the judges were shocked. They thought for sure this was going to have an exquisite taste, but looks were deceiving. It’s not as if the cupcakes were bad, but they weren’t worthy enough to take home the crown. Therefore, Warin earned herself the “appearance award” as well as earning a total overall score of 16/25.


After that, the four men were beginning to feel full, but knew they had to carry on for the sake of The Bakeoff 2014. The judges had been looking forward to this next goodie since the minute it showed up into the journalism room…peanut butter chocolate cheesecake hand crafted by sophomore Payson Vande Lune. Vandelune’s cheesecake looked spectacular, so they quickly dished out a piece and dug in. The judges thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the cheesecake except for the crust. They thought the crust would go well with another type of cheesecake, but it didn’t compliment the peanut butter/chocolate combo. Overall, it scored a 17/25 and won the “texture award” for that wonderful filling.


Next the judges sat down to devour the white cupcakes with pink frosting made by sophomore Ally Canfield. Looking at the cupcakes, they immediately were blowing us away. Perfectly frosted, perfectly sized, perfectly baked with a nice yellow look. We took our first bites and were blown away by the moist, delicious taste. We were all astonished by the immense flavor. We judges needed to talk this one over. After careful deliberation, this would be a close finish. After eating a couple more bites and tallying up the totals, it was clear it earned the “flavorful award” for having the best flavor. It ended up getting second, overall scoring a 18/25.


And finally the moment you have all been waiting for…the overall winner sophomore Jackson Scholten with his heaven sent Oreo Brownies. Though the judges had their doubts after a low scoring mark on appearance, the taste was out of this world. The brownie portion was moist, and the Oreo melted right in with it as well as adding a nice crunch. Scholten scored an impressive 19/25 to take the win. Who said men can’t bake?

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