Freshman starting Varsity


Aiden Huston

Freshmen Avary Hunsinger (16) and Abby Hietbrink (4) playing against North Polk

The Class of 2026 has had many freshmen playing varsity throughout all sports this year. There are 19 in spring sports alone, including Canaan Dunham for track and Avary Hunsinger for soccer. 

There are many challenges when it comes to freshmen going against upperclassmen on varsity, both on their own team and against other teams. 

“Honestly the biggest challenge I face is the fact that a lot of the players have played together before and know each other, and it’s a lot easier to predict and know what your teammate will do if you’ve played with them before,” said Hunsinger. 

Freshmen usually face a lot of pressure when playing varsity, from coaches, teammates, parents, and even themselves. This is because they are the youngest on the team and they want to be able to keep up with the upperclassmen and be their best. 

When Canaan and Avary found out they made varsity, they were very excited. 

I was super excited when I found out that I was able to go to the first varsity meet at UNI. I was sure that I would be on varsity eventually, but with basketball during the winter, I was not able to get much training in, but when I saw my name on the heat sheet, I was so excited,” said Dunham. 

Playing varsity takes work and dedication to the sport, so it’s not surprising that there was preparation made in the offseason to prepare for the season. 

“I practiced a lot in the off-season one on one with my club coach,” said Hunsinger.  “I also did an indoor soccer league in Des Moines that I think taught me a lot.” 


Freshmen on varsity in Spring Sports

Soccer (girls): Lizzie Neumann, Abby Hietbrink, Hailey Amos, Avary Hunsinger

Soccer (boys): Emmanuel Diers, Nate Warner

Track (boys): Harry Mullens, Rex Rhamy, Canaan Dunham, Mason Gaulke, Noah Schunknick

Track (girls): Emerson Wogen, Marrisa Ferebee, Abby Melvin, Kamryn Long, Joeley Helle

Golf (boys): Cole Floden

Tennis (girls): Addison Van Wyk, Abby Hietbrink


Fall or Winter Sports

Volleyball: Katie Scheckel, Brooklyn Schulte

Basketball (boys): Jack McGuire, Austin Schulte

Basketball (girls): Emerson Wogen, Katie Scheckel

Wrestling (girls): Isabella Smith, Meav Swank

Bowling: Carter Failor, Mckenna Salvador

Cross Country (girls): Lizzie Neumann, Marissa Ferebee

Cross Country (boys): Canaan Dunham