Q and A with Madison Naig

Two-time All-Conference selection Madison Naig just signed with Northwestern College


Abbi Vanderhoff

Senior Madison Naig advances down the court against North Polk.

Q: How is your season going so far?


A: The season has been going well. We’ve been super blessed to get the opportunity to play, and it has been so fun to compete as a team. I have a strong passion for basketball, so playing is something I truly enjoy as well as the relationships I get to build and maintain throughout the season.


Q: What have been your biggest challenges?


A: Our biggest challenge this year by far is dealing with the pandemic. We’ve had games cancelled and postponed as well as teammates in quarantine or out sick. We also don’t get to do all the team stuff that we would normally get to do because of Covid restrictions. But we are trying to make it as normal and enjoyable as possible. And although Covid has been a challenge, we have been able to enjoy the season.


Q: What are your team’s strengths?


A: One of our biggest strengths is the team chemistry we share. We are often complimented on our unselfish play and how well we work together. Another strength we have is our effort during play. We always work hard to go all out and play until the clock says zero.


Q: Describe your role as a senior leader. 


A: My role as a senior leader is something I really enjoy. Along with the other team captains, we push each other to get better, compete, and bring intensity to both practices and games. It’s a position in which people look to you as an example and a leader. 


Q: What has been a highlight of your season?


A: The highlight of my season has been getting to play the sport I love alongside some of my best friends. It makes the big wins, the competition, and the quality time so much more special.

Q: As you prepare to play basketball at Northwestern, what are you looking forward to most?

A: I’m looking forward most to the relationships I will build as well as all the experiences I will get to enjoy as a student- athlete. I’m also grateful for the chance to continue playing and competing in the sport I love at the next level!