Softball Starting Up


The softball team started their season with a win against Colfax. The final score was 7-1. Last year, COVID-19 loomed over the Lady Dutch. There were restrictions, and the team was uncertain that they would be able to play the whole season.
“Last year during Covid we were asked to have the same partner for everything, and we were put into more groups, but this year as things have died down it has been pretty normal,” said sophomore Payton Lyons.
According to Lyons, the team has been taking practices very seriously. The team’s goal is strive to be better, get closer as a team, and reach their own goals whether in practice or in a game.
“I am looking forward to playing with my teammates. We have developed such a close and strongly bonded team that it makes it so fun to play and go to practice every day,” said Lyons. “We have also developed a greater mindset this season and I am looking forward to it paying off.”
Even though things have changed this year, many players have been preparing for the upcoming season, and they aren’t taking their time practicing for granted.
“My favorite thing about softball is always being able to surround myself with good teammates that make me a better player and person as well,” said freshman Ava Curry.
The softball team has a new head coach. Their former head coach Teresa Thompson stepped down. The new head coach is Katie Gravert, who teaches at Madison Elementary. The team also has more of a younger group of girls this year than in the past.
“Having a younger group of girls can actually benefit us next year because we will pretty much have the same team and so it will be easy for us to work together at the start of a new season,” said Lyons.
The Lady Dutch’s motto this year is W.I.N. (W – work hard, I – with integrity, and N – no excuses). The team wants to be able to win the day, play hard, play together, play smart, and get better every day.