Q&A with Teddy Apostolopolous



Q: How did you do last season?


A: I think our season last year was very successful in a way; although, we could have done better. We made the state tournament as was expected of us, but sadly it was kind of short, since we lost in the first round.


Q: Who did you play in the first round?


A: ADM was our first round, and we beat them during the season.  It was disappointing to lose to a team we already beat [during the season] in the first round. 


Q: How are you guys preparing for this season?


A: We returned a lot of our attack and midfield. We are really excited. I think the biggest thing for us is our chemistry, and we know how to play with each other now, so I think we will be a lot more successful. 


Q:What is another strength?


A: I think another strength is that we have a lot of really good players, probably a lot more than other teams. We have a solid 7-8 that are top for the class right now, so I think we will have a lot of talent. 


Q: What is going to be the biggest challenge this season?


A: I think it will be the same as last year.  We are not the biggest team, and a lot of the teams are senior heavy, but we don’t have the biggest team, so I think physicality will be our biggest challenge. 


Q:Which team do you think will be the hardest to beat? 


A: Probably DCG, they always give us a hard time. We had a tough time last year. We lost against them at the last minute. 


Q: What is your goal for this season?


A: Going to the state championship.