The Tradition of Excellence: Pella Boys Tennis


Josh Adolfson

Sophomore Bodie Peters backhands the ball to return it crosscourt.

Maggie Leach, Reporter

The Pella Boys’ Tennis team has continued their tradition of excellence. The team has multiple wins under their belts and hopes to continue their success with the goal of competing at state again this year.  Last year, the team came in second in the state for Class 3A and the school and home community are eager to see what’s in store for the team’s continued excellence. In an interview with Coach Brandt, he discussed what “excellence” means to the team, and it might not be what you would expect.

The Pella Boys’ Tennis Team uses phrases like “Juice” and “Sauce.” Juice represents things that happen, they are fleeting, only temporary. This could be a good shot or winning a match.

 “The sauce is what’s leftover at the end,” said Coach Brandt. “It’s a combination of the juice and the things you’ll never forget like being teammates or achieving something after a lot of hard work.” 

The sauce to this team represents the things that aren’t recorded on Varsity Bound. It’s not the things you can see from watching, but it’s something the players can feel. 

In the case of the Pella Boys Tennis Team “the sauce” is their unique version of excellence. To this team, excellence is not defined by trophies and notoriety from other schools. 

“I want to give high school boys two and a half months of an environment where they feel like they’re valued for being a part of the team,” said Brandt. “We want them to work hard and get better but also to participate in a high school sport for the reasons that matter 10, 15, 20 years down the road.”

Pella Boys Tennis has made it a mission to value hard work, becoming better at tennis but at the same time, becoming better people after the season is finished. According to Brandt, excellence does not only mean numerical success and trophies but excellence as people. 

“I don’t think that winning is excellence. I think I could be 100% satisfied with a season if we weren’t the best and didn’t win,” said Brandt. I don’t think that’s the same definition that others have.”