From Freshman Year to Now, What Changed?


There have been so many changes to this school, its staff, and even the students during the four years our high school seniors have attended. We asked three seniors this one question: between freshman year and now, what changed?


Aleigha Ausman

“I’ve gotten various levels of busy throughout high school, and it’s only making me realize now that I should have taken a deep breath and enjoyed what was going on in the moment because it was only going to be ‘on to the next thing!’ all too quickly,” said Aleigha Ausman, a senior involved in choir and thespians. “God bless the music department, which hasn’t been the same any year. Here’s to hoping that it stays the same for next year!”


Emma Gerber

“When I started Freshman year I had on-and-off friends, and when I moved completely broke off contact though.  With my current friend group, I have a feeling it won’t happen. With friends now I also have a kind of curated friendship with every individual person,” commented Emma Gerber, this year’s flute section leader for the band. “Honestly, if you asked my freshman self where she’d find herself in three years, this would be a complete and utter surprise. Even with where I’m going to college and with the choices I have made thus far.”


Isaac Boualavong

“Life has changed a lot,” said Isaac Boualavong, “specifically since COVID, during online classes I didn’t have much to value and I wasn’t able to hang out with my friends as much as I wanted to. But now, I have learned to value time because of my hard classes and busy schedule, and my relationships with others.”