NCMP boys swim team gets a new head coach


Jacob Nedder

The Newton Colfax-Mingo Pella (NCMP) boys are beginning their season of high school swimming, and this year they have a new coach. Replacing Coach Sarah Patterson, who had been the head coach of the team for the past three years, Coach Steve Jones begins his first season as the NCMP head coach.

Jones has had a great deal of coaching experience, coaching for one year for U.S. Masters (an organized adult swimming program), for six years at Ankeny, and then for two years as an assistant coach for the Des Moines East high school swim team. Jones has also had extensive experience with swimming, having swam for a total of 33 years, from high school to Masters and open water swimming (swimming in lakes and rivers as opposed to an indoor pool).

Talking about his first impressions of the team, Jones said, “The team is doing great, they don’t complain, they’re involved, and they listen. There have been no disciplinary issues so far. Don’t expect it. I have a good feeling about our team right away.”

While a coach’s first impressions of the team are important, the team’s first impressions of the coach are just as essential. Senior captain Clay Meyer gave an indication of the team’s views on Jones. 

“He is a great coach that is pushing us hard. I think he is adjusting to the NCMP family really well, he is a great coach to be able to do that,” said Meyer. “I think this season will be a good one with Coach Jones.”

In all, this year is looking to be a good one for the NCMP boys. With synergy between the swimmers and the new head coach, the team could go a long way. 

To summarize his goals for the season, Jones said, “I hope to see us grow as a unit, support each other, learn, have some fun along the way, and get a relay and as many individual swimmers as we can to State.”