History Being Made in the White House


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris began their four year term on January 20. The duo was making history the second they won the election with Harris being the first female Vice President. She is also the first black and South Asian Vice President. 

Before becoming Vice President, Harris had many more impactful firsts, including becoming the first black senator of California and being the first female and black attorney general of California. 

The history Vice President Harris is making each day is having a large impact on girls, specifically girls of color. Her win shows that hard work pays off and girls should continue fighting the inequalities they face in the world to get to where they want to be. 

Harris started her race to the White House as a presidential candidate for the Democratic party. Her candidacy started off strong, but she slowly lost support,  and she was having difficulty raising money for her campaign. So, in December of 2019 she dropped the race. On August 11th, Biden announced that Harris would be his running mate. The two worked relentlessly to continue gaining support and to win the election. 

Dreams little girls used to have of being President of the United States seemed slim and unlikely, but with the historical steps Harris is making everyday, that dream is closer to becoming a reality.