Sen. Grassley Visits PHS


Senator Chuck Grassley made a visit to Pella High School on April 13. He spoke to the U.S. Government class about various topics including national debt and bipartisanship. 

“He talked about the process that they go through [to pass a bill] and how it’s not as easy as people think to get things passed,” said senior Kaylee VanPolen.

Grassley was also asked questions by reporters, one of which asked his opinion about the indictment of former president Donald Trump. Sen. Grassley said that “nobody is above the law” and that he has faith in the judicial system.

“I think that Chuck Grassley coming to our school was good for the health of our American Democracy. Even if I don’t agree with our senator on every single issue, it’s good for high schoolers to hear the views of and ask questions of our elected officials so we can better understand their stances and make better educated decisions come election day,” said sophomore Alexander Demuth. “It was also good to hear about bi-partisanship in D.C. and how Republicans and Democrats are able to work together, showing that our government can accomplish things. I hope that Chuck Grassley’s visit will aid in a better-educated and more active voter base in the future.”