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Welcome to the first week of the new weekly series called “Who to Follow?”

Social networking is a big part of a lot of peoples’ lives. The social networking sites/ applications known as Twitter and Vine are making their way up in the ranks. Twitter is the third most used social network, following Youtube (ranked second) and Facebook (ranked first).

In this new weekly series, I (along with the help of others) will be regularly checking Twitter and Vine. We will be looking for eye-catching accounts no matter what genre they are, then posting them every week for you all to enjoy.


This week’s Top 10 include:


1) @UberFacts – UberFacts is a page full of fun, interesting, odd, strange and funny facts. If you want to learn something new, we definitely recommend this page as a must follow.


2) @notgrantjudkins – Not Grant Judkins is a comedy page owned by an anonymous user at our high school. The page is consented by Grant Judkins and is just for humor.


3) @TweetLikeAGirl – TweetLikeAGirl is more of a page for the female population, but can still be humorous to males. This page’s content are tweets from a girl (obviously), but this girl is a stereotyped girl. Some people stereotype girls as emotional, overreactive, whiney, etc. GIRLS ARE NONE OF THESE THINGS. A majority of girls find this page funny due to its whiney tweets about how much it sucks being a girl, as if the world is against her. It is not insulting, and, overall, a great page. If you want a couple of laughs that cause stomach pain, please check this page out.


4) @nicekicks – Nice Kicks is a page all about shoes. This year, the school’s shoe game is becoming much more popular. Kids are “copping new kicks” with style, taste and diversity. The shoe game is making its way up in the ranks. Even if you don’t “cop kicks,” looking at the shoes on this page can be eye candy for everyone.


5) @DiscoveryImages – Discovery Images is a perfect page for anyone who wants the see the world. Not all of us can just hop on a plane and travel the world right now, but it’s probably on a lot of people’s’ bucket lists. This page has beautiful pictures of exotic places from all around the globe, and you will not be disappointed with what you see.



1) DEM_WHITE_BOYZ – DEM WHITE BOYZ is a page full of funny white college aged kids that produce funny vines, and have quite the ability to twerk.


2) KingBach – KingBach makes vines about how situations are from “the hood” point of view.


3) Michael LoPriore – Michael LoPriore is just plain funny. An all-time favorite of ours is his vine that compares masculine men throwing a ball to a girl throwing a ball.


4) Best Sports Plays – Best sports plays shows the best plays in all sports from the present and past. If you are an athlete, you definitely will not regret checking this page out.


5) Bo Burnham – Bo Burnham is a very popular comedy page on Vine. His Vines are frequently featured on the most popular comedy section of the app.


•Jacob Miedema ([email protected])

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