Intramural Team Reviews


Corned Beef: This team has tremendous size with Seniors Kelse Veenstra, Dakota Schnell, and Cody DeKruyff on the bottom of their outstanding 2-3 defense. On the offensive end watch for Senior Alex Moore to slice n’ dice through the heart of the defense, driving into the middle of the lane and kicking it out to their three point specialist Senior Jacob Miedema.


The Return: A new look for the league, this team consists of all females. The “Rookies” consist of former Pella Lady Dutch Basketball players and can pose a threat as an underdog for the tournament.


Naaked Up: With an illegal transfer from the varsity basketball team, Junior Trevor Argo is the face of this all around solid team. Complaints were made about Argo joining the league, but no further actions have been taken. When the balls not in Argo’s hand, look for Junior Tanner Wood to be driving through the paint or Junior Corey Elliot spotted up on the perimeter.


The Three Amigos and Two Scrubs: After splitting apart from Naaked Up, this junior team is full of mediocre players that didn’t see the court while under Naaked Up commission. This team is not consistent and doesn’t really have that one shining star like most of the other teams in the league. Look for them to get knocked out of the playoffs in an upset early on.


The Medium D’s: This young team has great potential for the future, but this year may be a rebuilding season. They lack size and are forced to take many shots outside of the lane. Sophomore Zach Vande Weerd headlines the team, but defenses are catching on fast and setting up defensive schemes to shut him down. Look for him to kick out to Sophomore Bradley Bortscheller, a deadly threat from the arc.

The Freshmen: What’s there to say? They’re freshmen…all new to the game of basketball at the intramural level. Lacking size, speed, strength, and overall ability to play the game of basketball. Simply put, their best player is Freshman Ross Vande Weerd. If that doesn’t say enough, we don’t know what will.


*Reviews based off web staff opinions