Passion at PHS Solves a Problem

Norma Spiker, Executive Editor

On Wednesday, February 16, PHS had a flag assembly recognizing an important donation. The American Legion Post 89  generously donated flags for the entire school district. The entire process to get flags for the district was started by junior Maddie Schmitz. 

Schmitz describes why she feels so passionate about the importance of having a flag in each classroom. “Countless men and women have given their time or lives and saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag is a way to respect them. It represents all of the people in our country that make it work and how we have overcome adversity in the past and will continue to do so.”

However, with our school’s limited budget, when the Pledge of Allegiance became a part of our daily routine, the struggle to find flags became an issue. Getting real flags, in such a short amount of time, was almost impossible for the district to get for the first day of school. So, the administration found a quick solution to the problem: printing pictures with flags on paper and laminating them. Teachers hung them in their classrooms in preparation for the beginning of the school year. When students arrived on the first day, we turned to the laminated papers and recited our country’s pledge. 

Saying the Pledge of Allegiance this way sparked Schmitz to take action. “I brought up the silliness of reciting the Pledge to a piece of paper to the student council and then began working with Mr. Beckel to figure out how we could get flags into classrooms.” 

After Schmitz reached out to the American Legion, they met as a group to determine what contribution they could make. Originally Schmitz asked for funding for approximately 60 flags, enough for every classroom in the high school. What the American Legion agreed to do took Schmitz by surprise. 

Schmitz described her gratitude during her speech. “They went over and beyond, offering to purchase 175 American flags for the entire Pella Community school district. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity, not only for the flags, but for their service to our country.”