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February 19, 2019


Five Great Places to Online Shop

  Nowadays, most shopping is done online. In fact, last year 79 percent of people shopped online. Websites like Amazon make shopping online easy and cheap. As rad as Amazon is, it’s always fun to mix it up. Here are six lesser-known online shopping destinations.   Store Dog Dog Store Dog Dog hosts a selection

How to ace your summer job interview

With summer fast approaching, many students are scrambling to find jobs to make some extra money. In order to get a job, you not only need to apply, but you (usually) have to be interviewed as well. Interviews are tricky, but also the key to landing your job. Here’s five tips to ace the interview

Meeting your heroes: Little Talk With Lily

“Never meet your heroes.” That’s what we’re told anyway. I wasn’t sure why until I met one of my own heroes. I met the hero in question, David Sedaris, at a reading in Kansas City. David Sedaris writes primarily autobiographical stories, some of which are humorous, some of which are sad, and some of which

“This is America” Highlights Flaw in American Politics

Donald Glover, better known as “Childish Gambino,” has taken a break from his self-proclaimed retirement from music to release a single and music video entitled “This is America.” The video highlights many points of modern American culture, including dance trends and samples of prominent contemporary rappers. It also features the uglier parts of American culture,

Top 5 Movies of This Summer

This summer is full of movies to be seen, especially spin-offs. Last summer produced a masterpiece original Baby Driver; hopefully this summer, we’ll have some greats like that. Here is a countdown with the top 5 movies you should give a watch. Ocean’s 8 Ocean’s 8 is a spin-off of the Ocean’s series of movies.

Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tye Sheridan as the main character, Wade Watts. The plot (without spoilers) is about Wade in the year 2045.   His avatar in a virtual reality world called the Oasis is called Parzival. The creator, who has died 5 years previous to the present day in

The Price of Politics

I love politics! Current and future voting members of America need to keep track of it. However, I feel like our society focuses on much on politics, making us forget one very important thing: we are all people. Politicians love to split people into groups: minorities, majorities, Republicans, Democrats, etc, etc… Politics also loves to

What Spring Break Should You Take?

What is your favorite season?  a) Spring           b) Summer           c) Fall           d) Winter 2. What is your favorite activity? a) Shopping           b) Surfing           c) Reading           d) Skiing     3. Do you like vacationing with friends? a) Yes     

Pella Speech Groups Selected for Allstate Competition

On February 3, the Pella High Speech team traveled to Lin Mar High School in Marion Iowa to compete at Large Group State Speech. The team received 7 straight Division I ratings, 3 overall Division I ratings, and 5 Division II ratings. Out of the 15 entries, 5 groups moved on, making 33 All-Staters. The

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