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May 25, 2019


Shrimp Gang vs. Pastinos

Some of the sophomore boys at Pella High have divided themselves into two groups, The Shrimp Gang and the Pastinos. The Shrimp Gang officially started last year, and the Pastinos were an addition to the groups at Pella High this fall. “We started a group chat on instagram three or four years ago, and we

Jessica Williams joins Speech team as Individual Coach

English teacher Jessica Williams has joined the speech team as an Individual Speech Coach at Suzanne Jones’ request. In previous years, she has been involved with the speech team informally giving students advice on how to improve their individual acts. “I enjoyed speech as a student. I have helped out here by giving feedback to

Dear Evan Hansen Review

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical about a teenage boy, Evan Hansen, who is finding life difficult, balancing his anxiety, social media, and family problems. Hansen was told by his psychiatrist to write letters to himself in an attempt to change his mindset on living. While printing his letter for the day, one of Evan’s

Coffee Drink Recommendations

Christmas Cocoa– In this drink, you can really taste the cocoa in it; it’s super rich. It has a very strong chocolate flavor. There’s a bitter-sweet nip when you take a sip. It’s like drinking a brownie. So if you are a huge chocolate lover, this drink would be great for you. Also if you

Little Talks With Lily: Winter

As I approach the halfway point of my junior year, I find myself realizing something alarming. No, not that I am totally in over my head as far as classes go; I knew that from day one of junior year. The alarming thing that I’ve begun to realize is that it has become socially acceptable

Pella Student Vlogs

Josie Lickteig and Dawtrinay Hodge have been documenting their memories throughout their high school life in two different ways. Lickteig shows her experiences through GoPro videos with an aesthetic feel, while Hodge documents her school day with friends and activities. Currently, Lickteig has 70 subscribers and has 12 videos on her channel. She shares videos

Happy Accidents with Zandra Spiker: Christmas Month

October is spooky month. Everyone spends the entire month looking forward to Halloween, and on November first, Halloween is over and people move on. December should be Christmas month. Everyone spends the entire month looking forward to Christmas, and afterwards, they move on. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I don’t approve of

Children Gifts of the Ages

1952 Mr. Potato Head was created by George Lerner.  It was the first toy advertised on television, and more than a million were sold in a year.  The original toy cost 98 cents and came with hands, feet, ears, two mouths, two pairs of eyes, four noses, three hats, eyeglasses, a pipe, and pieces of

The Sound of Music Review

Due to the daunting popularity of the show, The Sound of Music is a difficult show to put on as a high school performance. However, the cast of the show handled this pressure and put on a quality musical. The vocals and acting made the play enjoyable for all audiences. From the adorable children in

Venom Movie Review

Venom is an action-filled, suspenseful movie. It is playing at Pella Cinemas until Thursday, October 25.  Personally, I have never really enjoyed movies that were like this. I usually enjoy romance, comedy, and horror movies. However, Venom was a really great movie with lots of plot twists, leaving you on your toes the whole time.

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