Author: Amy Blanton

Senior Profiles

Elsie Thoreson Elsie Thoreson has participated in track all through high school. Her highlights of track throughout high school were having strong relationships with her teammates and becoming a better runner. “It’s so fun to train around people that have the same goals and mindset as you do,” said Thoreson. After high school, Elsie plans […]

Staying Fit in Quarantine

So we are all in quarantine right now and a lot of us don’t really know what to do. Most of us are staying up super late and waking up super late, and our sleep schedules are way off. With that happening, it’s really hard to find motivation. We wake up sometime in the afternoon. […]

My Skin Care Journey

So I struggled a lot with my skin and it just seemed as if no matter what I did, my skin would always react to everything. I went to the dermatologist and the product she gave me to try didn’t help either. I finally found a combination of products that work for me recently and […]